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Conveyor Feed Straw Blowers

Blower by Harper

Powerful and precise for landscape professionals, easy to use and intuitive for homeowners, conveyor feed straw blowers by Harper Turf make mulch application accurate and easy. With the speed and precision of a conveyor feed straw blower, you can expect to cut your mulching time up to 75%. Cleaner and faster: Conveyor feed straw blowers by Harper Turf.

Conveyor Feed Straw Blowers
360 Spout

The 360 spout mean greater flexibility in mulch application.

Conveyor Feed

A continuous feed of bales means unbroken application and even ground coverage.

Yanmar Liquid Cooled

Harper Turf Conveyor Feed Straw blowers are powered by powerful and reliable Yanmar diesel engines.

5-7 Bales

Whether with pine straw or wheat straw, 5 to 7 bales per minute output means quicker mulch application.

Conveyor Feed Straw Blower SB4000 Diesel
Engine Yanmar 30hp Diesel
Power Discharge 65-80 ft
Dimensions 50"W x 116"L x 76"H
Weight 1850 lb
Bales / Minute 6 - 10
Rotor Eight #80 heavy-duty roller chain
Steel Impeller 25" dia. abrasion resistant steel