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Vac/Sweeper by Harper Turf

Clean and quiet, the redesigned TV35 promotes time-saving and economical features without disturbing those nearby. Harper Turf’s patented Recirculating Air Technology minimizes dust while the machine verti-cuts, sweeps, and vacuums soiled areas. Effective on all surface types, the self-propelled TV35 is the most maneuverable turf vacuum on the market.

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Dust-Reducing Recirculating-Air System

Thanks to our dust-reducing recirculating-air system, the TV35 can be operated in public places or in the evening without distracting your neighbors. Cleaner. Faster. And now Quieter.

49 horse power, turbocharged Kubota engine

49hp Turbocharged Kubota Engine

A 49 hp Turbo Charged Kubota motor boasts plenty of power and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Gas and diesel models available.

60 inch swath

60” Swath

The wide sweeper head follows terrain to maintain a continuous and even coverage across the entire width of the sweeper head. The sweeper head is adjustable for transport and operating heights.

Hydraulic lift dump

Hydraulic Operated Lift Dump

The hydraulic lift dump raises the hopper to a height of 76 inches to unload debris into a truck or dumpster.


TV35 versatile applications

Versatile Applications

Easily swap out the interchangeable rotors for specialized maintenance applications, allowing for raking and sweeping on a variety of surfaces.

Brush Rotor - This bristle brush is ideal for cleaning flat surfaces like sweeping sidewalks or parking lots, as well as clearing grass clippings.

Rubber Finger Rotor - This optional rotor rakes tall grass, pine needles and cones, twigs, debris and bird droppings in one pass.

Verti-cut + Finger rotor - Verti-cut large areas or pick up dense debris.

Optional curb brush

Curb Brush

Clear washed-in dirt and packed down sand. The brush throws the debris directly into the hopper.

Optional hose kit

Remote Hose Attachment

Extend your reach with the 12.5 foot hose kit for debris clean up in tight areas.

Optional sun shade canopy

Sun Shade Canopy

The black 47”x54” canopy is designed to uniquely attach to the roll bar for desired head room. Made from thick, modified ABS plastic and steel brackets.

Optional light kit

Headlights & Taillights

Specially designed to illuminate equipment and passes when working after hours or early mornings.

Optional back-up camera

Back-Up Camera

Safely back up with the help of this back-up camera, with a wide angle lens to help you see obstacles behind you.

Optional hopper extension

Hopper Extension

Extend the hopper away from the machine, allowing for debris to be dumped easily into disposal bin.

Spec Table

Power Kubota 49 HP 3-Cylinder
Configuration Self-contained, 4-wheel, configuration with front steering, two rear drive wheels, and a rear mounted, high-lift debris hopper with patented Recirculating Vacuum Air technology
Sweeper Head 60" Single sweeping head, follows all terrain with rear mounted roller on sweeper head (vertical float), rises to transport position, lowers to operating position with twin hydraulic cylinders
Fan 25" diameter abrasion resistant steel with replaceable machined UHMW, poly liner and 1.5" shaft with self-aligned bearings supporting both ends
Debris Hopper Capacity 3.5 cubic yards
Construction 1/4" and 7 gauge steel frame
Lift Rises to 6'4" above ground to dump debris into vehicle or container
Lift Safety 5° Inclinometer Sensor with lift interlock that prevents hopper from lifting if the machine is on a slope greater than 5°
Drive Hydrostatic pump drives two high efficiency piston hydraulic wheel motors on rear wheels with two speed operation, traction control and torque transfer capability and foot operated pedal
Speed Infinitely variable, 0-8 mph low (operation), 0-14 mph high (transport), 0-7 mph reverse (high reverse locked out)
Braking Dynamic braking through the hydrostatic drive system, mechanically applied and hydraulically released parking brake on rear wheels
Tires / Wheels 5-bolt wheels and front (2) 20-10x10 4-ply premium turf tires, rear (2) 26-12x12 6-ply premium turf tires
Compaction 17.5 psi in front, 18.2 psi in rear
Steering Hydraulic power steering with automotive type steering wheel and tilt function
Controls Hydraulic: lift/lower of debris hopper, open/close of debris hopper door, raise/lower of rotor head assembly, solid state max grade detection for dump circuit, rotor on/off and fan on/off
Seat Adjustable ride suspension, high back and retractable seat belt
Electrical 12 volt, electric key start
Dimensions 144" long; 91" Tall; 68" Wide; Wheel Base 84"
Weight 5,220 lbs. (2,368 kg)
Liquid Capacities 14.25 gallon fuel tank; 32 gallon hydraulic fluid tank
Safety & Features Includes Certified ROPS and seatbelt, fold away rear view side mirrors, minimal dust generated and quiet operation
Hydraulic Oil Crown AW46; ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil
Options Brush, rubber finger, verti-cut with rubber fingers rotors and verti-cut with carbide tip blades; turn signal/light kit, 8'x12.5" remote hose attachment, curb brush, canopy, hopper dump extension and backup camera


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