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Top Feed Straw Blower

Blower by Harper Turf

Take cover and protect against erosion damage with the Straw Blower by Harper Turf Equipment. Enhance mulching productivity on the jobsite or in residential neighborhoods, multiplying your coverage area more efficiently than traditional methods. Cut application time in half and blanket those hard to reach spaces with the discharge hose, extending your layer area up to 50 ft. Powerful enough to shred up to two bales per minute, you’ll quickly and easily cover commercial sites, highway construction jobs and residential gardens. Work that’s cleaner and faster – that’s the Harper Turf promise.

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Top Feed Straw Blower


TV60RE recirculating air technology

50' Discharge

50 foot discharge when using 30 foot discharge hose means greater precision and flexibility in
mulch application.

TV60RE recirculating air technology

Automatic Bale Feed

The automatic bale feed processes the entire bale. No more slab feeding.

TV60RE large hopper

Quick Feed Rate

Up to 2 bales per minute means getting the job
done faster.


Optional brush and rubber finger rotor

Engine or PTO Drive

Choose between the Engine or PTO driven blowers:
PTO Drive (SB5400)
Easily attach the blower to your tractor's PTO drive for more
discharge power.
Engine Drive (SB1300)
Pull the blower with a truck or utility vehicle and use the on-board engine for greater flexibility.

Spec Table

Model SB1300 SB5400
Power Source 13hp Honda Engine PTO Powered
Weight 490 lbs 525 lbs
Bales / Minute 1 - 1.5 1 - 2
Rotor / Impeller 10" / 16.5" 10" / 16.5"
Blower 18" 18"
Number of Knives 32 32
Discharge 45 - 50 ft 50 - 55 ft


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