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Turf & Landscape

Our turf and landscape products are built with the durability and usability you expect from Harper Industries. From our innovative slope mower to the clean and quiet turf vacs, Harper Turf has solutions for all of your turf and landscaping needs.

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Harper Hawk Turf Sweeper


Groundbreaking timesaver for year-round debris management

ATM 72LC Slope Mower

Harper Hawk

Don't spend another season working harder, work smarter with the Harper Hawk. This self-propelled turf sweeper is your solution for challenging collection needs.

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Slope Mowers

Safety and comfort when mowing slopes up to 34 degrees

ATM 72LC Slope Mower

ATM 72LC Slope Mower

A safer solution to mowing slopes, the ATM 72LC keeps the operator and the engine upright on hills up to 34 degrees. The two halves of the 72 inch deck float independent for a quality cut in ditches and rough terrain.

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Turf Vacs

Our unique Recirculating Air System minimizes dust and reduces noise. Cleaner. Faster. Quieter


Powerful pick up performance from the cleanest and most cost-effective vacuum on the market, the TV40 is the popular choice to clear leaves and debris. This tow-behind vacuum is ideal for artificial turf, including those with granular rubber pellets.

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TV40 Turf Vac
TV60 RE Turf Vac


Designed for large area debris removal, the TV60 RE is the perfect solution for picking up grass, leaves, trash and thatch. The unique Recirculating Air System minimizes dust for a clean sweeping environment. Clean, quiet and efficient, the TV60 RE is a polished ride from the first pass to the last.

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Maneuverable and versatile, the TV60 RHD is the ideal tool for verti-cutting and vacuuming in one pass. Thoroughly removes litter, grass and leaves from sports fields, parks and recreational grounds with the adaptable 60 inch swath.

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TV60 RHD Turf Vac


From outdoor surfaces to mulching, Harper Turf has the equipment to manage your properties

Landscape Debris Blower

Debris Blower

If you need to clear the way, look no further than Harper Turf's debris blower. With fan sizes appropriate for professional or private uses, turf-friendly castors and rollers, and directional discharge changes from the operator's seat, Harper Turf's debris blower is a leading option for those who care about their turf.

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Top Feed Straw Blower

Cut application time in half and blanket those hard to reach spaces with the discharge hose, extending your layer area up to 50 ft. Powerful enough to shred up to two bales per minute, you'll quickly and easily cover commercial sites, highway construction jobs and
residential gardens.

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Landscape Top Feed Straw Blower