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Vac/Sweeper by Harper Turf

Powerful pick up performance from the cleanest and most cost-effective vacuum on the market, the TV40 is the popular choice to clear leaves and debris. This tow-behind vacuum is ideal for artificial turf, including those with granular rubber pellets. Cleaner. Faster. Harper. Compare it to the competition and see for yourself.

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Recirculating Air Technology

Recirculating Air Technology

Clear the air with our patented Recirculating Air Technology. Operators and nearby neighborhoods can breathe easy with the dust control effectiveness.

Towing Capacity

Towing Capacity

The TV40 can be pulled by almost anything, easily maneuvering into tight spaces or narrow places.

Large Hopper

Large Hopper

Get more work done in less time with the 4 cubic yard hopper that conveniently dumps from the operator’s seat.


Optional brush and rubber finger rotor

Versatile Applications

Swap rotors to suit the job, from raking up grass clippings to picking up pesky pine needles.
Brush Rotor
Best used for clearing sidewalks and parking lots.
Rubber Finger Rotor
Superior performance on hard to pick up materials including pine cones, small limbs, and brush.

Optional curb brush

Curb Brush

Ideal for cleaning up all kinds of rocks, sand, gravel, mulch, dirt and litter on any flat outdoor surface.

Optional remote hose attachment

Remote Hose Attachment

Extend your reach with the 8" wide x 16' long hose kit for debris clean up in tight areas.

Spec Table

Safety Features Minimal dust generated, quiet operation - 90dB (TV40 RE), 96dB (TV40 RH)
Blower Drive (TV40 RE) Double v-belt drive with electric clutch; (TV40 RH) Tractor PTO driven
Blower Fan 25" diameter abrasion resistant steel with replaceable machined UHMW, poly liner and 1.5" shaft w/self-aligned bearings supporting both ends
Blower Discharge Access plate for inspection and easy liner replacement
Engine (TV40 RE) 20 HP Kohler gas engine; (TV40 RH) None (PTO powered) 20 HP required
Hydraulics (TV40 RE) Belt driven from engine; (TV40 RH) Tractor PTO driven
Hydraulic Oil Crown AW46; ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil
Construction 11 gauge welded and reinforced steel tubing
Bearings Greasable bearings and sealed bearings
Hopper Capacity 4 cubic yards
Wheels/Tires 4-bolt wheels and (2) 18.5 x 9.5 tires
Controls (TV40 RE) Engine, blower and brush controls on machine; (TV40 RH) Tractor PTO Controls
Rotor 13.5" dia. x 52" wide with adjustable gauge wheels
Discharge Mechanical trip-and-latch system from operator's seat
Tongue and Hitch Adjustable tongue doubles as pick up height controller
Paint Durable 2-part polyurethane
Dimensions 135" L x 64" W x 82" H
Weight (TV40 RE) 1600 lbs.; (TV40 RH) 1,820 lbs.
Options Brush rotor, rubber finger rotor, curb brush and 8" x 16' remote hose attachment