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Recirculating Air Technology

Harper Turf Equipment

April 27, 2022

Turf care can be dirty, dusty, and loud. Harper Turf’s patented recirculating air technology minimizes the noise and dust, limiting disruptions to those nearby. With ease of maintenance and operator comfort in mind, Harper Turf Equipment strives to be the innovation leader in debris-clearing solutions for sports turf, golf course, and landscape management.

The How

Patented in 2007 for the Harper Turf Equipment line of products, proprietary recirculating air technology minimizes dust as machines verti-cut, sweep, and/or vacuum. The suction fan creates low pressure in the system, causing the air to be pulled in through the bottom of the machine and aiding the rotary brush in lifting debris. The debris then comes into the hopper, and the air moves through screens on the top and sides. The air is then forced back down to the ground to be recirculated rather than out the back of the machine, creating a cleaner sweeping process.

The Why

Noise and dust are common complaints heard by golf course superintendents and other landscape managers. The Harper Turf line addresses these concerns by using a larger diameter fan and lower RPM, reducing vibration and producing minimal noise, limiting disruptions to those nearby. Coupled with the dust-minimizing recirculating air technology, Harper Turf's cleaner and quieter operation allows you to continue work during gameplay or near the public. Additionally, the lower dust output improves operator comfort by maintaining air quality during use.

Easy Maintenance

Due to the self-contained hoppers used by Harper Turf Equipment vacuums and sweepers, there is no need for extra filters. The machine can easily be cleaned of dust and debris by hooking a hose up to the system and turning the machine on, allowing the water to cycle through. With replaceable liners and polyurethane hoses for high-wear locations, Harper Turf products are easily maintained.

Product Line

Offering a family of turf and landscape management products, Harper Turf Equipment’s highest priority is debris management solutions. The self-propelled Harper Hawk sweeper is designed for superior pickup performance in a cutting-edge four-wheel drive unit that can handle challenging conditions. The Harper TV40, a tow-behind turf vacuum with powerful pickup performance, is the most cost-effective vacuum and is a popular choice to clear leaves and debris.

Designed for large area debris removal, the TV60 is the perfect solution to remove grass, leaves, trash, and thatch thoroughly. Clean, quiet, and efficient, this tow-behind vacuum leaves a polished finish from the first pass to the last.

Experience the Difference

See our time-saving equipment in action and see why our customers say nothing picks up cleaner and faster than a Harper. Search our dealer network, with locations nationwide to better serve you.